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Get the Most Out of Your Writing

It is so hard to see your own writing

One-on-one writing coaching. 
Memoir, fiction and non-fiction.
Ghost writing for memoir / biography.
In person or on Zoom. All ages, all levels.


What I Do


Give you honest and constructive feedback


Encourage your creativity


Bring clarity to your work

Help craft your story


Assist in synopsis and cover-letter writing for agents and publishers

What People Are Saying


Reva Mann is an excellent coach whom I was lucky enough to meet in Jerusalem. I'd written a book on my life which was more of a do-it-yourself workbook. After having read her life story I realized how fortunate I was to have her assistance in capturing the breadth and depth of my life. Reva is a meticulous coach. The final product of "God in All Worlds, A Journey to Light" has been very successful. I am indebted to her insight and wisdom. 

Michelle Freidman - Author of God in All Worlds, A Journey to Light


About Me


Reva Mann is the author of the racy memoir – The Rabbi’s Daughter published by Hodder and Stoughton UK and Dial Press USA. She has been translated into 4 languages. Reva was a columnist for the London Jewish News and Boston Advocate, headed the English Speaker’s Department at the David & Paula Ben Gurion School in Jerusalem where she taught literature and creative writing, helps mature students with essays, term and research papers, and writes Divrei Torah for a Los Angeles charity. She is presently writing about her experience of living on a Greek island.


Book Reviews

The Sunday Times Magazine

A gripping tale of a woman searching in all the wrong places … the book is hard to put down— it’s so personal and raw.

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